Helpful Resources

Some of the many online resources for learning Japanese:

Summer Schools 2020

Kyoto Women’s University:  (Link) Kyoto Womens University_Summer Program

Rikkyo University (Tokyo): (Link) Rikkyo University_Short Term Intensive Japanese Program

Kochi University: (Link) Kochi University_Summer Course

Akita International University: (Link) Akita International University_Short Programs

Note: Kyoto Women’s, Rikkyo and Kochi are partners of Lincoln’s. Please contact Laura McCarthy to learn more, or if you are interested. Contact Laura



(Link) NHK World Easy Japanese

(Link) Tae Kim’s Guide to Learning Japanese

(Link) Japanese from Zero


JLPT Level 5

(Link) Official JLPT Site

(Link) Memrise (vocabulary and kanji for N5)

(Link) Nihongoshark N5 resources (incl vocabulary list)


Useful Websites

(Link) NHK On-Demand Video Library (search for “easy” to find many of the language programmes)

(Link) JapanesePod101 YouTube (YouTube channel with tutorials and listening comprehension etc.)

(Link) Miku Real Japanese YouTube (YouTube channel with lessons based on common questions)

(Link) NHK News Web Easy (news stories with furigana etc.)

(Link) Wata-no-C (free web magazine for learners)


Practice Your Listening Skills

kikitori   (Link) My Kikitori


Typing in Japanese on Your Computer, Tablet or Phone

(Link) How to Install Japanese Keyboard on Everything – Tofugu

( has lots of other interesting stuff as well!)


Japanese Verb Conjugator

(Link) Ultra Handy Japanese Verb Conjugator


Japanese Language Apps & Tools

(Link) 8 Great Apps for Studying Japanese


  Obenkyo Test yourself on vocabulary, kanji, hiragana etc. (Android)
  Drops Five minutes a day, “playful and immersive lessons”! (iOS, Android)
  Anki Flashcard deck for kanji etc. (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux)
  Yomiwa  Real-time translation from your camera or photos, draw kanji, dictionary (iOS)
    imiwa?  Dictionary with examples, kanji searches (iOS)
    Midori  Powerful dictionary, multiple ways of searching for kanji (iOS)
  Aedict Dictionary, incl optional technical Japanese (Android)


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