Resources for the Intermediate class:



Week   Topics Files
  1   Welcome (i) Bike accident (reading comprehension)
  2   Reading/Listening (i) Nihongo-i02 (jiko II) (ii) GCSE 2012 Listening
  3   Listening & Vocabulary (i) Nihongo-i03-review (ii) GCSE 2012 Listening
  4   Shiritori (i) Nihongo-i04 (shiritori) (ii) Shiritori
  5   Reading Comprehension (i) GCSE 2012 Reading
  6   Reading Comprehension & Being Concise (i) Nihongo-i06 (reading vocabulary)

(ii) Easy Japanese for Work: Be Concise     (iii) Kanji: Atsumaru

  7   Reading Comprehension, Ordinals, Asking Permission (i) Nihongo-i07 (reading JLPT5 grammar) (ii) Easy Japanese for Work: Asking Permission (iii) jlpt-n5-grammar-list
  8  Asking Permission (grammar), Listening Comprehension (i) Nihongo-i08-kureru-ageru-morau (ii) GCSE Listening 2013
  9  tari shimasu (grammar), Listening Comprehension (i) Nihongo-i09 (ii) GCSE Listening 2013 (iii)
  10  Listening Comprehension (i) Nihongo-i10 (ii)
  11  transitive/intransitive, Reading Comprehension (i) Nihongo-i11-transitive intransitive (ii) GCSE Reading 2013 (iii) domo/arigatou (Ask a Teacher video)
  12  Hiragana practice, Reading Comprehension (i) Nihongo-i12 (ii) GCSE Reading 2013 (iii) ba/tara (Ask a Teacher video)  (iv) gomen nasai/sumimasen (Ask a Teacher video)
  13  Tokyo Sightseeing, N5 Listening (i) Nihongo-i13 (ii) Tokyo Sightseeing
  14  は and が, N5 Listening (i) Nihongo-i14
  15 (i) Nihongo-i15
  16   Wagyu, Food, Kanji (i) Nihongo-i16 (ii) (iii)

GCSE Japanese past papers

Meguro Language Center: level checks, grammar and kanji quizzes



Week   Topics Files
  1   Welcome / Kanji (i) Nihongo-i1-catch-up-kanji-etc
  2 (i) Nihongo-i2-review
  3 (i) Nihongo-i3-vocab-2h3hqki
  4 (i) Nihongo-i4-commands
  5 (i) Nihongo-i5
  6 (i) Nihongo-i6
  7 (i) Nihongo-i7-ageru kureru morau
  8 (i) Nihongo-i8-age kur mor 2
  9 (i) Nihongo-i9-futon song
  10  Grammar review:Let’s, If, Must etc. (i) Nihongo-i10-futon song II (grammar)
  11  Natural World, Kanji (i) Learning Kanji (ii) Natural World Quiz
  – Japan Festival Movie One Cut of the Dead
  12  Listening Practice (i) Nihongo-i12-listening
  13  Listening Practice (i) Nihongo-i13-listening
  14  If, Review Pt I (i) Nihongo-i14-if review
  15  Review Pt II (i) Nihongo-i15-more review
 Role Playing: Japan Foundation Sydney  Classroom Resources


Week   Topics Files
  1   Welcome / Kanji (i) Nihongo-i1 (catch up kanji etc)
  2   Otto to tsuma no kaiwa (Pt I) (i) Nihongo-02-interm
  3   Otto to tsuma no kaiwa (Pt II) (i) Nihongo-03-interm
  4   Kikitori renshuu (i) Nihongo-04-interm  (ii) Nihongo-04-interm
  5 (i) Nihongo-05-interm (ii) 日本語_Lesson2
  6  Ageru, Kureru, Morau (i) Nihongo-06-interm (ii) くれるあげるもらう
  7  Movie Night Like Father, Like Son
  8  Ageru, Kureru, Morau II (i) Nihongo8_kureru-ageru-morau
  9  Ageru, Kureru, More III (i) Nihongo-9-interm
 12  Saseru
 13  Transitive v Intransitive (i) Nihongo-12-13-interm
 14  Transitive v Intransitive (cont.) (i) Nihongo-14-interm
 15  Saseru + ageru, kureru etc (i) Nihongo-15-interm
 16 (i) Nihongo-16-interm
 18 (i) Nihongo-18-interm
 19 (i) Nihongo-19-interm (ii) rareru_19Intermediate
 20 (i) Nihongo-20-interm
 21 (i) Nihongo-21-interm (ii) Goukon (iii) Ja12-verbcompounds (iv) Ja12-verb-nagara



Week   Topics Files
  1   Welcome / Kanji (i) Nihongo-i1 (catch up kanji etc)
  2   Hobbies / Animals (i) Nihongo-i2 (reading hobbies animals)
  3   Adverbs Past Vegetables (i) Nihongo-i3 (adverbs past vegetables)
  4   Personal profiles / Kanji (i) Nihongo-i4 (profiles kanji)
  5   Frequency / Adverbs (i) Nihongo-i5 (frequency adverbs)
  6   Nanode / Dakara (i) Nihongo-i6 (nanode dakara)
  7   Listening: depaato / Ha & Ga (i) Nihongo-i7 (depaato ha ga)
  8   Listening: depaato / -te form (i) Nihongo-i8 (depaato -te form)
  9   -Te form (i) Nihongo-i9 (Te form) (ii) te by verb group
 10   -Te form (continued) (i) Nihongo-i10 (te mo ii desu ikemasen)
 11   -Te form ( -te iimasu) (i) Nihongo-i11 (te iimasu) (ii) tatte itte conversation
 12   -Te form & more (i) Nihongo-i12
 13   -Te form & even more (i) Nihongo-i13
 14   -Te iru (i) Nihongo-i14 (te iru)
 15   no ga, no mo (i) Nihongo-i15 (no ga, no mo)
 16  Shodou, -tai no (i) Nihongo-i16 (ii) Shodo
 20   Tsumori, Yori (i) Nihongo-i20
 22  JLPT Level 5 (i) N5-script (ii) VocabList.N5 (iii) KanjiList.N5
 23   Wake (i) Using-わけ
 24   Konbini, Shiritori (i) 日本語5月23日 (ii) 4kaimono



Hiragana Katakana (Basic)   Hiragana Katakana (Extended)

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