Resources for the Beginners class:

Hiragana & Katakana:  Hiragana Katakana (Basic)   Hiragana Katakana (Extended)   Hiragana Katakana (Basic_Blank)



Week   Topics Files
  1   Welcome & Introductions (i) Nihongo-taster 1920 (ii) Introducing Yourself
  2   Liking & Food (i) Nihongo-02 (like food) (ii) Do-You-Like
  3   Birthdays, Numbers (i) Nihongo-03 (birthday numbers) (ii) Birthdays-Counting
  4   Kore, Sore, Are, Verbs (i) Nihongo-04 (kore-nani-verbs) (ii) Kore Sore Are and Verb Forms
  5   Doko, Dare, Itsu (i) Nihongo-05 (doko-dare-itsu-travel-kanji)
  6   Sentence Structure & Particles (i) Nihongo-06 (particle days of the week) (ii) Sentence-Structure (iii) Months-Days-Times

Japan Easy: #1 Next is Ueno Station

  7   Family, Pachinko (i) Nihongo-07-kazoku-pachinko-time (ii) Family
  8   Body & Face, Trains (i) Nihongo-08-karada-travel (ii) Body-and-Face
  9   Arimasu/imasu, prepositions (i) Nihongo-09-arimasu-imasu-prepositions (ii) Prepositions
 10   New Year Customs (i) Nihongo-10-New-Year-review
 11   Shopping (i) Nihongo-11-irasshaimase (ii) At the konbini
 12   Izakaya, Adjectives (i) Nihongo-12-izakaya-adjectives (ii) At-the-izakaya
 13   More verb forms, Days & Times (i) Nihongo-13-verbs-time (ii) Months-Days-Times
 14   Particles, Connections (i) Nihongo-14-particles-connections (ii) Particles-and-Connections
 15   Momotarou, Okayama (i) Nihongo-15-Momotarou-Okayama
 16   Asking for Help, Theatre (i) Nihongo-16-Asking-for-help (ii) Asking at the Station


Week   Topics Files
  1   Welcome
  2   Introductions (i) Nihongo-02 (hiragana greetings) (ii) Introducing Yourself
  3   Liking and…not liking (i) Nihongo-03 (like food)  (ii) Do-You-Like
  4   Counting, Birthdays (i) Nihongo-04 (birthday numbers) (ii) Birthdays-Counting
  5   Kore, Verb forms (i) Nihongo-05 (kore-nani-verbs) (ii) Kore Verbs notes
  6   Doko, dare, itsu, travel (i) Nihongo-06 (doko-dare-itsu-travel-kanji) (ii) Grade 1 Kanji
  7   Sentence Structure (i) Nihongo-07 (particle days of the week) (ii) Sentence-Structure (iii) Months-Days-Times
  8   New Year Customs (i) Nihongo-08-New-Year-review (ii)
  9   Family, Pachinko (i) Nihongo-09-kazoku-pachinko-time
  10   The body, travel (i) Nihongo-10-karada-travel (ii) Body-and-Face
  11   Arimasu/Imasu, bathing (i) Nihongo-11-arimasu-imasu-prepositions (ii) Prepositions
  12   Shopping, Sumo (i) Nihongo-12-irashaimase (ii) At-the-konbini
  –   Japan Festival Movie One Cut of the Dead
  13   Izakaya, Adjectives (i)  (ii) At-the-izakaya
  14   More Verb Forms, Times (i) Nihongo-14-verbs-time (ii) Months-Days-Times
  15   Connections, Particles (review) (i) Nihongo-15-particles-connections (ii) Particles-and-Connections
  16   Momotarou, Okayama (i) Nihongo-16-Momotarou-Okayama
  18   Asking for Help (i) Nihongo-18-Asking-for-help (ii) Asking at the Station
  19   -te -ta Potential (i) Nihongo-19-te-ta
  20   If (Conditional), Japan Quiz (i) Nihongo-20-if-quiz-3 (ii) te ta tara form
  21   Sou desu (i) Nihongo-21-sou-desu (ii) So desu (iii) MyKikitori (Lessons 7 & 8)
  22   Deshou, Kamo Shiremasen (i) Nihongo-22-deshou-kamo
  23   Sou desu (Pt II), Shimaimashita (i) Nihongo-23-sou-desu-2 (ii) JLPT N5 Lets go to Hokkaido
  24  Travel, Role Play (i) Nihongo-24-travel role play (ii) Making Apologies (NHK) video
  25  Role Play (recap & vocab) (i) Nihongo-25-case study vocab (ii) How Long Will It Take? (NHK) video
  26  Hiragana Quiz (i) ?? (NHK) video

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